Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Long time

Short post to say I am still here!
Have done lots of sewing since I posted last but was also dealing with surgeries sprinkled in the past 6 months. I also have a new computer and haven't loaded up any photos on it yet to post.

Summer is finally here at the farm and it's great! My next sewing project will be a new swimsuit. I think I'll have to post on the old computer to get the photos uploaded or have my DS tutor me. He seems to know how to do all things techno without reading how!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Second time the charm and other news

Well, here is my second attempt at a OOP Kwik Sew 2993 raglan hoodie. I have had this pattern in the stash awhile now. I did make it at one time but can't remember.
The reason why this is #2 is the first version was too small under the arms and across the hip area. It was also too short.
It turned out really nice but not fit for me. My young niece will be the recipent of it for her Christmas present. My second version I added 3/4" to side seams out to 1" at the hip as well as trimming off about 3/4" at the bottom of the arm.

Now a break from our sponsor, our dog. My DH ran in the house 2 hours ago and said she just ate some DeCon rat poison. We just got back from Pet Emergency where they induced vomiting and sent us back home with some Vitamin K tablets. Earlier, she had run into a barb wire and had a puncture wound that we took her to our regular vet to have stitched up. We spent a few $$ on her today! She is doing okay now and really wants to eat but not until tomorrow.

Back to sewing... I'd like to sew up this jumper in this plaid.
I'd like to sew up this dress in this brown/black plaid....

And....I'd like to sew up the charcoal rayon double knit in a Loes Hinse funnel neck top but lengthened to be a dress, using her New York Dress as a guide. I might do that with the tan knit too or maybe use that Butterick pattern for the charoal knit. Too many choices. I also have some red cotton/lycra that I want to try making some gloves out of.
I also have other things on my mind. In three weeks, I go in for a bilateral mastectomy. I had breast cancer 4 years ago at age 37, had a lumpectomy and radiation; also had an oophrectomy at that time. This decision for this surgery took some time but I think it is a wise one. I jokingly tell people I'm on the family plan; my maternal grandmother had BC 30+ years ago and is still here, my mother had bilateral BC and then I got it under the age of 40. My sewing mind is thinking of easy, comfortable clothes that I can whip up quickly and aren't soo form fitting for the short term. I want to sew so much but not much time in a day. Kind of like sewing ADHD I guess....
Thanks to the glowing recommendations of Melissa and Dawn on some Jalie patterns, I placed my order on PR for the Jalie jean pattern, hoodie and a sweater/top pattern. I don't think the surgery will put me out of commission for too long.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Late Halloween post

Life continues to be busy. However, in the past 2 months, I have become addicted to Mad Men the T.V. series on AMC. I LOVE looking at the decor, clothes, everything. Yes, the storyline pushes it but what drama doesn't? At the present time, I'm watching season one on DVD so I can see where it all started. This year was season three so I kind of need that background.

My DH and I were invited to a Halloween party so I thought, we should go as a couple from that 1960's era. I made Simplicity 3673, view A. It is a 1950's retro pattern but in the early 1960's, the 50's were still an influence. The jumper went together really well. The only modification I did was to scoop out more armscye room on the pattern as it looked a little snug. I've even worn it to work with nice comments. Since I made that, I have made another jacket, Kwik Sew 3334 in a charcoal tweed; another pair of pants from Simplicity 2700 and tonight, a cowl top--Vogue 8597 view A.

I have enjoyed reading all the sewing blogs out there. I need to post more for sure!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October already!

Here it is Sunday, Oct 4th and I finally have some time to sit down and blog. Yes, I have been sewing; the latest being a "black capsule" for work. That was a Loes Hinse Garbo jacket and Loes Hinse New York dress, both in black RPL. I also made another NY dress in a matte jersey red/black oriental style print from JoAnns. No photos as black isn't too exciting to photograph. Anyhow, I digress. September was full of lots of things to do. First off, I entered a brown/black brocade jacket in the fair and won a blue ribbon. The big cash prize when to a person who made two 3 piece outfits for children. I know now I need to made an ensemble to be in the running I think. I was very happy to get the blue ribbon though!

The weather continued to be really hot all month so the garden kept going. We finally yanked it all out last weekend. We made tomato sauce with all the tomato surplus. Yet, because of the hot weather, it is delaying my fuji apples from ripening up. They are still on the tree. Now it has been cold the past week so I think it won't be long.

Our Italian plum produced well so I dried them all into prunes. Very tasty. The bosc pears were a little less fruitful this year but I got enough to make 4 half pints of pear butter, which I love. I may buy more pears to make more. I also bought some local Elberta peaches to freeze (sliced) since our peach trees lost their flowers last Spring-no fruit.

The big purchase though this past month was a Vita-Mix. I had never given this any attention until a friend of mine got one and I got to see it in action. Wow! It really blends up ANYTHING. I have made soup, ice cream, green drinks and salsa to name a few. It is a spendy item but we figured with the produce/farm thing going, it would get used a lot. And it has. Last weekend I did applesauce--blended up and filled up a 7 quart crock pot to cook all day. Yum! I still have apples from our golden delicious tree which were picked in August. Yesterday I cleaned out the pantry and found a Southwest Black bean soup mix. So, I made that up and at the end, decided to blend it in the Vita Mix--perfect! I do not sell these things but really think they are worth every dime.

We have also been busy with Winter preperations. Not quite like Alaska but close, maybe. We now have almost 7 cords of wood out there stacked. Some of it we split and some we bought. We have a lot of trees on our property but only have cut a dozen or two down to burn. It is a lot of work. Last night, we lit our first fire in the wood stove. It is so cozy. The freezer is packed with veggies, soup and fruit that I have prepared. We also have some chicken and turkeys that we have raised. The pantry is full of jam, fruit juice, fruit brandy, fruit wine, and other dry goods. It is a great feeling to have a full pantry, freezer and wood pile going into the cold weather. Unfortunately, my DH now has the flu. Not sure if it is the H1N1 strain, but he feels crummy.

Now, I need to continue my "Fall organizing" and tackle my sock drawer and closet. I also have ambitions to re-organize my pattern collection and revisit the fabric stash to see what I really have. It is all in cabinets which makes it easy for me to forget what is in there pushed behind other fabrics. The current project that is cut and ready to go is another pair of the Simplicity pants 2700 out of a heathered brown denim I purchased from Emma One Sock a few years back.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Farm Update

I had to comment about what's been going on around the farm besides sewing....

We had been raising nine heritage turkeys from incubation in March. They were doing well and seemed to be full grown. This got the attention of our "friendly neighborhood" coyotes. Four days ago, we got up to do the normal chores and found our "turkey tractor" top netting ripped off and some of the chicken wire pryed off of the wood. Three turkeys were gone with evidence of the struggle on the ground. I'm sure the remaining six were terrorized. My DH heard some kind of noise aroun 3am but didn't get up to look--we regret not doing so.

We fixed the tractor and decided it was time to take them to the poultry processor before the coyote came back for more. We took the turkeys on Thursday and that night, the coyotes came back--howled right by our bedroom window around 3am. I'm sure they were disappointed!!!

We took the processed turkeys to our local butcher, to have them all smoked. We were raising them for meat but also for fun you know.
DH loves all kinds of critters and he is a vegetarian! I am not but really do not each much meat. He will eat meat on Thanksgiving. We are selling one or two. The largest one is 11 pounds and the smallest 5.6 pounds. Life on the farm is never dull. Our chickens and goats are doing well.

The garden is still producing tons of harvest gold (not sure of the name) cherry tomatoes and a few zukes. Beans are done and a few peppers are straggling.

In the orchard, I picked our golden delicious apple tree--two five gallon buckets full. The green gage plum gave us about 2 dozen; they are sweet! The Italian plum is almost ready. Probably by the end of the month the Fuji trees and the Bosc pears will be ready to be picked. Then we'll be real deep in processing and canning all of that!!!
We having cords of wood delivered too in preparation for winter. We use our wood stove for heat and it saves $$ for sure; plus it is cozy. The past two winters we have broken records for snowfall--I think 90+ inches last year. So we are prepared. It's a nice feeling to have a full freezer, food in the pantry, wood stacked and most importantly, a big fabric stash for when we get snowed in and I can sew all day!!!!!!!!!

Pant perfection and new skirt!

Today, I had a window of time to sew up a new skirt, Butterick 5249, view A. It is a high waisted skirt with belt carriers. I cut out a size 10 with NO alterations. The fit is very, very good. I used a drapey poly suiting with some lycra that I picked up at Hancocks a few weeks ago. I'd have to say that though the fit is great, I threw a FIT while constructing. Actually, I had a lapse of sewing sense and tried to use a regular zip, centered because that's what the pattern called for. What a mistake! It looked awful because this fabric was pretty slippery, even with basting tape. So, I ripped it out carefully and installed an invisible zipper. BIG difference. I can sew those in pretty well--done many of them.
The shirt is my fourth Burda 2561--cut out last year and just finished a few weeks ago! I love this shirt because it is only 5 pieces and no collar stand or separate facing for the shirt

These jeans are my third pants and really the best fitting of all. Simplicity 2700. I LOVE these pants. I have more of the fabric that I made the skirt out of so that is next in this pattern. Pretty much no alterations either; just a smidge deeper outside seam.
It's hard to photograph dark clothing but take my word, they look great!!!
Next on deck is probably one of those Donna Karan Cozy Cardigan wraps, or a jacket, or a coat, or a........
Hard for me to decide.
I've been back at work now for almost 2 weeks so it has cut into my sewing time--ha. I guess I need to earn money so I can sew more!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happiness and frustration!!!

First the happiness!!! The UPS men just delivered my first Fabric.com purchase!
I am really impressed with all of it. With free shipping and my ASG discount--it was even better!

I ordered this double face wool melton in red and green (the red is a blue red--but doesn't look that way in my photo); they are perfect for coats!!! I have McCalls 5718 in mind for at least one coat; a fun ITY knit, a pretty chiffon for a blouse and a red/camel wool blend boucle that is just gorgeous!!
Now on to frustration. Is there any easy way to sew these in? I finished my brown Vogue pants and it required two of these. They sure do slip around a lot when sewing and making sure they are lined up right, etc. Next pair I may just do two buttons instead.